Letters to the Editor

Letter: Electric cars don’t make sense

In Sunday’s paper, I saw a portion of the wasteful spending by Congress (both sides very guilty, a train wreck, especially since 1996) will be used to build charging stations for electric vehicles. A few thoughts on EVs: I believe all Americans should be stewards of our beautiful island planet, and I think most are. Living here is an unbelievable blessing from cradle to grave.

That being said, I have some concerns about EVs and their short-term and long-term impact on the environment. Don’t go blindly forward, ask these questions: How long will the batteries last? Can they be recycled? Will they be hazardous waste? Where will we put them? Why in the world is our government trying to subsidize them?

The future of fuel is hydrogen. Do the research; it will be the dominant source of energy in the very near future. I do agree the age of fossil fuel is in a state of slow decline, but we are at an important crossroads. When you look at EVs as a whole, they don’t make a lot of sense.

Brad Stiles


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