Letters to the Editor

Letter: No slot machines in Alaska

The first time I was in Las Vegas, I hadn’t even made it to baggage pickup before I started hearing the “clang clang clang” of slot machines, a calling to the addicted.I thought it strange that the hallways of the airport were lined with slot machines, but little did I know, I would not escape that annoying sound until the airplane door closed behind me on my departure.

On one hand, I admit that casinos bore me to tears, but the “clang clang clang” of slot machines was inescapable.

Every gas station, every quick stop, every bar, and every restaurant bombarded my ears with that annoying sound. There was no relief until that airplane door closed behind me on my departure.

Learning that Gov. Mike Dunleavy wants to live like that, I can only respond by saying, “Please, governor, please just move there. I’d happily supply your ticket.”

Ray Metcalfe


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