Letters to the Editor

Letter: Thanks to the Assembly

I would like to say thank you to the Anchorage Assembly for listening to Anchorage residents and for passing a budget amendment package that realigns our budget with our values — one that supports schools, pre-K education, economic development, mental health, public safety and families.

Thanks, Assembly members, for continued strength and leadership when faced with a struggling administration — one that is experiencing a complete communication breakdown, an employee retention crisis that most recently cost us our police chief, that is besieged by inexperience, pettiness and incompetence, and that often can’t even be bothered to show up.  

I thank them for continuing to push forward on homelessness issues, budget issues, and on making our city a better and safer place to live despite inexplicable dishonesty, opposition and obstructionism from a mayoral administration that seems largely focused on removing public transparency from their actions, providing space for campaign donors and friends, stoking culture wars and divisiveness, and retaliating against those who disagree.

Thanks to the Assembly for continuing to work hard for a better Anchorage with actions and not just words, for being the adults in the room, and for listening to those whose voices may not be the loudest, but who still deserve to be heard.

— Yarrow Silvers


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