Letters to the Editor

Letter: Ain’t the future great?

Ain’t it great, folks? With new hardware, software and programming, GCI now welcomes viewers into the brave new world of Yukon TV. All it takes is a little plug and play to install the new free hardware. Once that is done, you simply pick up your phone, dial GCI, and be prepared to spend countless hours learning how to use the most maddening, least-intuitive television service imaginable. Can you say streaming TV?

The typical wait time to reach GCI customer service for me has been 1-2 hours, only to be connected to an overseas customer service agent before he transfers you to someone else. If you are lucky enough to get some useful help and you begin watching TV, you will find that the built-in software is painstakingly slow to react to your commands and sometimes leaves you wondering if it works at all, which program you are watching, or how to switch from one channel to another. Can you say software reset?

With no reasonable alternative to the current GCI substandard service, it boggles the mind to understand how they continue to survive in what should be a very competitive marketplace. Can you say monopoly?

Like I said, ain’t it great, folks?

— Mike Jens


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