Letters to the Editor

Letter: Lack of COVID-19 leadership

As I’m writing this on Jan. 9, the governor has disappeared from his job to protect your health and lives from this latest wave of COVID-19. He’s made the calculation that he’d rather get votes from those who want inaction than protect people from illness and hospitalization. If he won’t do the “life and safety” part of his job, he should step down.

Before Christmas, I asked him to elevate the discussion about how Alaskans can protect themselves best, before hospitals started filling. This wave will harm and maybe kill people. It’s not an excuse to say it’s less deadly than the very deadly last wave.

A well-fitting disposable surgical mask (especially an N-95 or, if not, a KN-95 if available), and not the Buff-style neck gaiter the governor has sported, work better to stop us from infecting each other.

Vaccination and a booster can decrease your risk of major health danger. A test before visiting people with medical conditions can help protect them.

Better yet, speak to your doctor or at least read the best medical advice you can find. Because the governor has gone silent.

— Les Gara

Gubernatorial candidateand former state legislator



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