Letters to the Editor

Letter: Not encouraging

The statement, “really encouraging news,” made by the CDC director with regard to the omicron variant, must mean different things to some people. Apparently to the CDC, that means continuing to allow a mass disabling event — COVID-19 — to run rampant without any prevention or control. Four risk factors are not that many, actually.

Is it “really encouraging news” knowing that a pregnant person who has asthma, gestational diabetes and depression is more likely to die? Or a middle-aged person who has cancer and smoked for three years after high school, who has anxiety and a family history of heart disease? Suggesting that our disabled community and family members’ deaths are “really encouraging” during a pandemic is another way to say “eugenics” in policy and practice.

How is it “really encouraging” to watch our most vulnerable and continuously ignored community and family members be tossed to the sidelines, or in this case, the graveyards? I’m not sure. I ask our policymakers to step up and do something like implement another “hunker down” or mask mandate, or we will keep losing our family members and friends. Two out of three Alaskans have an underlying health issue. To me that’s really concerning, not really encouraging.

— Nicole Zegiestowsky


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