Letters to the Editor

Letter: Lacking respect and maturity

In the Jan. 13 edition of the ADN, an article detailed how two members of Mayor Dave Bronson’s administration attended a community council meeting over Zoom to talk about COVID-19 testing and other issues and, in typical childish behavior, ended up sharing more than they intended.

Portia Erickson, the mayor’s director of community engagement, and Terrence Shanigan, director of legislative affairs, were apparently in concert at the “hot mic” show. “‘I figured they needed a little slapping around,’ Shanigan replied, and Erickson laughed.” Really? Just exactly how much lower does the do-nothing Bronson administration and his toddler-minded representatives intend to go? The bar is so low now I doubt even James Cameron can go deep enough to find it.

As representatives to our embarrassment of a mayor, the directors of legislative affairs and community engagement proved to those participating on the Zoom meeting and the Anchorage community that they are disgusting, disrespectful, irresponsible and immature. They obviously don’t know what their jobs entail, nor give a darn for professional decorum, let alone common sense.

I don’t think I’m the only Anchorage resident — and voter — who has had enough of Anchorage and Alaska’s crazy far-right fringe, in it for the money, “Big Lie”-supporting, conspiracy theorists playing their form of public service. Erickson and Shanigan’s terminations should be demanded and effective immediately.

Public officials who instigate physical violence or threats, or the perception of “slapping around” others, have no business in public service.

— Patrick Ozment


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