Letters to the Editor

Letter: We want a fair deal

In July 2020, Randall Stephenson, then-CEO of AT&T, retired with a $64 million package, an additional $27.6 million in deferred earnings, and an averaged $30 million per year in earnings the prior three years before retiring. I hope inflation doesn’t change his lifestyle.Since 2017, AT&T has laid off more than 50,000 workers.

Now, out-of-state AT&T labor relations personnel have come to Alaska and failed to agree with negotiating teams representing Alaskan employees. As Alaskans, we all know how hard it is to install, maintain, and monitor infrastructure in Alaska. We have a multitude of factors that don’t apply anywhere else: the Alaskan weather, bush planes, remote villages, wildlife and haul road. Any of these factors can be a danger to one’s life. We take on these risks to help keep telecommunications up throughout Alaska. Without these risks we wouldn’t be called Alaskans.

Corporate AT&T labor relations have continually negotiated in bad faith. They do not adhere to the agreed upon rules set at the beginning of the negotiation process, which is a violation of labor practices. We Alaskan workers, who care for the important long-distance telecommunications in remote villages, urge corporate AT&T to give us a fair negotiation so all Alaskans can benefit.

— Su Man Pang


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