Letters to the Editor

Letter: Secession

Shortly after I moved up here, in 1991, I learned about the Alaska Independence Party. I was even a registered member for awhile. But then I changed my registration to no party preference. I prefer keeping my eye on everyone. Voting for the person and the policies, not political party.

Well, the way things are going on Outside, that is The Lower 48, I’m beginning to rethink the idea of secession. Don’t call me a loony tune, please! So far, I’m feeling fairly safe up here, away from the real lunacy going on Outside.

But how long before that lunacy makes its way up here? I don’t have to specify; anyone who reads the paper or watches the news knows what I’m talking about.

Crime, federal government interference — we have to beg Uncle Sugar for permission to build a road that could save lives?

Anyway, I’m just thinking out loud here, to fellow Alaskans, wondering: What will our future be? How long can the Great Land remain removed from the lunacy of the Outside and the federal government? 

The U.S., the America we love, is dying. I don’t want Alaska to die with it.

— Mary A. Sells


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