Letters to the Editor

Letter: Worthless audit

So Mayor Dave Bronson is asking for an audit of the April city elections. No one asked for one when he won the runoff last year by the slimmest of margins.

Bronson doesn’t like the outcome of the election, so he is having a tantrum and asking us to pay for it. He is following the playbook of Outside politicians: If you lose, whine, ask for recount, repeat.

This manufactured search for “election security” is based on the Big Lie, which is infantilizing the mayor into letting Outsiders tell him what to do rather than thinking for himself. He said his office will pay for this audit. Nonsense. We pay for his office, and we will pay for this audit.What a colossal waste of taxpayer money, especially as the city faces genuine challenges, and the economy and our pocketbooks struggle to keep up.

Bronson should stop pandering to Outside interests and honor the will of the voters. And think for himself.

— Sharon Stockard


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