Letters to the Editor

Letter: Constitutional questions

Although I have searched through my copy of the U.S. Constitution thoroughly, I am unable to find any mention of abortion, assault rifles or transgender children playing sports. As capable as they were, the “founding fathers” could not see that far into the future.

Today’s important social questions are not constitutional questions at all. We, as a society, should endeavor to reach consensus solutions to such challenges. Naïve? Perhaps, but far less so than the belief that a 200-year-old document written by white men in powdered wigs, or worse still, a 2,000-year-old document written by rabbis and interpreted by priests, can serve as the basis for deciding what course of action we should follow into the future.

The framers of the Constitution did have the foresight to craft language to keep the government out of religious matters. Judeo-Christians, unfortunately, have a poor record of keeping their religion out of the lives of others. When they are not threatening me with eternal damnation, they are shouting, “states’ rights!” Listen well; their voices form a chorus with Dred Scott, Jim Crow and David Duke.

— Kenneth Baitsholts


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