Letters to the Editor

Letter: The public mood

I don’t understand the “public mood” and Joe Biden’s low poll numbers. I just heard on NPR that Jill Biden has visited in Ukraine, but “the president hasn’t been there yet.” Oh sure, we want our presidents in war zones. Why not on the front lines?We still have COVID-19. Should we blame that on Biden? After all, Donald Trump said it “would go away like magic” and I guess he’s right — if we wait long enough. (Meanwhile, more than a million people have died — but Trump had it “under control.”)

We have a booming economy, to the point where even ex-convicts are getting jobs! Do we want that? Well, how else do we expect them to be rehabilitated and lead productive lives, if they can? Since we don’t have a government jobs program — jobs for all — a booming economy is the only way to help disadvantaged people, such as long-term unemployed, get jobs.

But we’ve got a little inflation. No, it’s not a lot. Yes, gas prices are high, but not historically, when we take into account past inflation. And we’ve got a war on (and we haven’t fully recovered, economically, from the pandemic). Can we sacrifice a little? Is it just me, me, me?

— Rick Wicks


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