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Letter: Wool is good for Alaska

I am a 52-year resident of Fairbanks, Alaska and former public sector (Lathrop High School teacher) and private sector (national firms stock broker) worker, as well as briefly (for seven months) Chairman of the Alaska Democrat Party, from May to December 2012.

I favor Adam Wool very much for a variety of reasons for the U.S. House special primary ballot, due in by June 11. I believe he is the most qualified and experienced candidate, currently an Alaska legislator who is running for the four-and-a-half months left in Don Young’s term and the two-year term to be voted on in November, which means you need to vote for him on two different ballots on Aug. 16. Very confusing this year, but when your former U.S. Representative dies eight months before the November election, this is what happens.    

Adam has been elected four times in a tough district (formerly House District 5), with bipartisan support, which means he can win statewide. He works well with both sides of the aisle, has successfully passed many bills, including some tough ones, and is not afraid to take a stand on tough issues. In the past eight years, he has chaired several House committees. He’s lived in Fairbanks for 40 years since moving here to go to college, and graduated from the University of Alaska with a bachelor’s degree in physics. He has experience running a successful business. Adam created The Blue Loon, a popular restaurant and entertainment center on the Parks Highway west of Fairbanks which Interior residents enjoyed for decades before he sold it. He knows the value of a dollar and doesn’t waste money, yet still produced quality product and service to his customers.

In my opinion, Adam’s a reasonable local citizen who is liked by his constituents and been elected and re-elected several times.

He sends his own two daughters to Fairbanks public schools, and helped all K-12 kids in Alaska with HB 272, which added $51 million to the Base Student Allocation. He’s honest, candid and bold enough to run for public office when others have shied away. He is a fiscal moderate with a solid record as an honest business owner, a realist slightly left-of-center politically, who is willing to listen to the other side when trying to produce laws that benefit and serve all the population of our state, especially at a time in our history when unity, not opposition or isolation, best serves us.  

I’m voting for Adam Wool, and encourage you to do so too. He’s good for Alaska. And he’s never been a quitter after being elected to public office by the voters.

— Don I. Gray


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