Letters to the Editor

Letter: Thanks for speaking out

This is a special “thank you” to the ADN editorial board for its editorial on May 15, “Even drunken sailors know better,” clarifying how Gov. Mike Dunleavy and his supporters are trying to win another election by feeding the public an outrageous Permanent Fund dividend amount.  The editorial’s bullets tell the story perfectly: “The death of fiscal conservatism,” “The governor tries to pull strings” and “What future do we want?”

ADN’s editorial matched comfortably with Michael Carey’s wisdom in his commentary, “Who governs? These days, the answer is different than it used to be.”

The editorial board’s recommendation: “Alaskans should declare that their votes aren’t for sale, and punish the hypocrisy of the free-spending “conservatives” in November.”

As a former sailor and a former Alaska state senator, I enthusiastically support a practical PFD that doesn’t continue to draw on funds needed to maintain the quality of life important to all Alaskans. I am pleased the House had enough leaders willing to take a strong stand against the Alaska Senate’s lack of integrity.

— Terry Stimson


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