Letters to the Editor

Letter: Vote for Peltola

If you haven’t yet mailed in your ballot for the congressional special election, I am writing to appeal to you to vote for Mary Peltola. She has both a breadth of professional experience (from government to private industry to community coalition work) and a depth of experience: she served for 10 years in the Alaska Legislature, for eight years of which she was the chair of the Bush Caucus.

She represents rural Alaska in a way that Alaska very much needs in Washington, D.C., bringing complex and nuanced understandings of climate, natural resources, salmon, economics, health care and more. She is an Alaska Native woman, which means she has a wealth of knowledge and values that have never before been represented in Congress — and we all, no matter who we are, benefit from policy that is informed by a diversity of experience. She is pro-choice and willing to advocate to maintain the health care privacy and human rights that the majority of Alaskans support and that are upheld in our Alaska constitution.

She is also — and the importance of this cannot be understated — a thoughtful, even-tempered, courageous, compassionate, hard-working person who listens well, uses a variety of data and inputs to make decisions, who takes responsibility when she makes a mistake, and who follows through on her commitments. She is running both for the special and November elections, and will fight for Alaska if elected.

— Laura Norton-Cruz


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