Letters to the Editor

Letter: Election complaints

I wondered how long it would take for someone to grouse about our new election process. The current complaint appears to be that the mailed forms are not being filled out correctly, i.e, lacking a signature or some such reason, and are being rejected. I like the new process of the top four aspirants being in a runoff election but do not care for the mailed ballot idea. The new system is flawed not in the manner of a runoff, but because of the ballot mail idea.

Since this country was formed, America’s election process has been based on a system of voting polls. If you cared at all to vote, you went to a polling place on election day and voted. The mailout idea provides for more opportunity for election hanky-panky. Too many people are more than willing to attempt to mess with ballot counts in favor of their political party or their choice of candidates. Voting sites, if managed correctly, provide both help assistance and order in the election process. Much better than mailing ballots everywhere and attendant problems Alaska has because of size and distance. If there are problems with access to voting and rejection of forms, then increase the number of official places to vote instead of airdropping ballots everywhere.

— Dennis Battery


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