Letters to the Editor

Letter: Inflation

Why is the general public is so unaware of the causes of this inflation? President Joe Biden has tried to tell the public about Vladimir Putin, but the public is so ignorant of the U.S. ongoing international war with Russia/U.S.S.R., which has been ongoing since 1945 — first with the autocratic domination of Poland, East Germany, Finland and a number of other countries; then with the arming of Cuba. It was dismantled by American news broadcasting the truth to the citizens of these small countries, as well as U.S. financial support.

In recent years, the Russians were in Afghanistan, but we supported the resistance and eventually they withdrew.

Now it is Ukraine, and the Ukrainians are providing the soldiers and we are providing some weaponry. Plus we are trying to restrict their monetary flow. Since grain and oil are the main exports of Russia, restricting these commodities causes us to go to other sources, just like in any war, and those sources, knowing that there are shortages, are charging more for these commodities. One can always check if the cost to develop these commodities has gone up. Such as oil in Alaska, when the price for oil increased to more than $100 per barrel today. At the same time, the oil companies have reduced oil searches and staff in Prudhoe Bay. So what cost more is executive compensation.

— Bill Culbertson


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