Letters to the Editor

Letter: Compromise and tolerance

I commend Dale Gerboth’s letter of July 24 claiming that our nation “can be governed only from the political center,” where compromise and tolerance characterize good government.The “miracle” he hopes for, of political leaders willing to amplify common ground and downplay conflict, will depend on voters who are willing to vote for more centrist candidates.

Alaska voters have taken the first step by adopting ranked-choice voting, or RCV. I voted for it because I’m tired of candidates who appeal only to the ideological margins of their party, at the expense of finding sustainable solutions to our fiscal challenges. RCV is a choice, not a mandate. In the upcoming election, I urge my fellow voters to take a serious look at centrist candidates who are capable of deliberating across party lines. If voters are tired of polarized political rhetoric — I know I am — we can select a more centrist candidate as one of our choices.

— Jackie Cason


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