Letters to the Editor

Letter: Abortion counterpoint

Sunday’s commentary by Donald Mitchell (ADN, July 24) on the “difficult realities at the margins of the abortion debate” pretty much ignored the difficult realities. For example, he admitted that only a few children from bad homes go on to commit atrocities. Then he asked if the shooters’ mothers should have been prevented from aborting their kids had they wanted to. “The answer to which I have reasoned is no,” he said — as if only those few would be aborted and none of the vast majority he mentions earlier who had bad lives and became good people.Apply his logic to the shootings themselves. How many bad things did the Uvalde school shooter prevent his victims from growing up to do? A whole lot of people stopped being parents after he was finished. Did he do some good? The answer to which I have reasoned is no.

My stance is this. You do not kill the innocent. Period. Someone shouldn’t be a parent? Three words: Children’s Protective Services. We take the kids, provide other parents. Someone doesn’t want to be a parent? Three more words: Safe Haven laws. You hand that new baby over and walk away. You are no longer a parent and that baby is still alive.

— Pamala Siegfried


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