Letters to the Editor

Letter: First-name basis

I’ve seen the “Kelly for Senate” signs popping up around town and started wondering, which Kelly is that?

In my 50-plus years in Alaska, I’ve met many political people, so names that came to my mind were former Sen. Tim Kelly — but he passed several years ago — and the Kelly brothers from Fairbanks, Mike and Pete, also former legislators. There was even a Tom Kelly who ran for governor in 1978. Could it be any of them? Nope.

Turns out Kelly is not a last name. It’s the first name of a person I have never met or even seen. We are not on a first-name basis, unlike Don (Young), or Lisa (Murkowski), or Ted (Stevens). But her last name, Tshibaka, makes me think of Harrison Ford’s “Star Wars” sidekick Chewbacca, the seven-foot tall Wookiee who can’t talk.

I have heard Donald Trump doesn’t like Lisa because she was more loyal to her oath of office and the Constitution than to him, so he picked Ms. Tshibaka to replace her.

No thanks. I’ll stick with someone I actually do know by her first name.

— Christopher Cooke


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