Letters to the Editor

Letter: Desecrating an icon

They’re initiating the destruction of the crown jewel of Anchorage’s historical architecture, the magnificent 4th Avenue Theatre. This breaks my heart and forever changes how I feel and think about the city I grew up in. This culture of disposable consumption where everything is considered sacrificial to profit disgusts me. Look around you: Without the natural beauty of the mountains, the forests, or the seas, the city of Anchorage is an eyesore, a cultural void made up of boarded-up abandoned malls, empty dilapidated buildings and venues, homeless camps filled with broken, desperate people, and parks that are no longer inviting, safe or well kept.

We had one thing, just one freaking thing, that we could be proud of, one monument to preserve, to respect, to share with the world, and that was an irreplaceable gift from our pioneer forefathers. They were people who tamed this wild land, scratched out a living in this relentless country’s climate, survived against all odds, and then built us a palace. A refuge of art, beauty, warmth, inspiration, elegance and, possibly most important of all, escape. A place to visit unknown worlds, a place to dream, a place to feel wonder, awe and romance!Who are we to destroy such a testament to hope and determination?

Cap Lathrop took a stand, invested in a dream, and bet on the city of Anchorage and the state of Alaska. And as for us, we are not but rats scurrying for the cheese, honor sold, trading our history for silver and robbing our children of historical dignity and their glorious past.

We simply disgust me.

— Scott Selman


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