Letters to the Editor

Letter: Bad choices

Sen. Lisa Murkowski is being disingenuous when it comes to pro-choice and Roe v. Wade. Except for effectively abstaining from voting for Brett Kavanaugh knowing whom the Senate would approve without her vote, she voted for most of the other Supreme Court justices who overturned Roe. She also voted for most, if not all, of Donald Trump’s lower court nominees.  

Otherwise, Murkowski and Trump played each other like fiddles, using each other to advance their agendas. She also learned well how to use the power of  pork to keep her in office with fiscal efficacy being secondary. Her supporters apparently helped orchestrate the ranked choice ballot measure that is working in her favor. Alaska’s U.S. Senate race, like so many others, boils down to being stuck with making choices between bad and worse.

— David McCargo


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