Letters to the Editor

Letter: Shame on us

I’ve been out in the wilderness working in the tourism industry for much of the summer — maybe I have returned to an alternate universe? What kind of a state has Alaska become, where not only are our youth deprived of adequate funding for their education, the “grown-ups” in charge can’t even provide transportation for the kids to our schools? Who among our state, Anchorage School District and Municipality of Anchorage leaders, paid with public funds, allowed this blunder to happen? The U.S. was the first nation in the world to provide public education (1839, Lexington, Mass.) so those without wealth could propel themselves into better lives. The world has followed suit. Democracy is dependent on having educated and involved citizens. What have we become?

Who will this travesty of rotating school bus schedules impact most? The children of impoverished and minority families who do not have the resources to transport their kids to and from school for six out of nine weeks. So much for the ASD student attendance goals.  Shame on us.

— Marty Decker

Retired ASD educator


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