Letters to the Editor

Letter: Fiscal priorities

Handing out a $3,000-plus Permanent Fund dividend when education in Alaska is in financial trouble makes this money feel a bit dirty. Is Gov. Mike Dunleavy playing politics at the expense of our institutions of learning? Why are collegiate sports in Alaska dependent on charity to exist, and why is there a long list to get into University of Alaska’s nursing program when this occupation is one of the most sought after by employers?

Dunleavy has been cozy with the Koch family from Kansas. This dynasty has a philosophy that includes making government weak, so as to reduce oversight of their companies. These billionaires see climate change laws and help for the poorest of Americans as restrictions to their bottom line. We deserve better than an empire from Kansas influencing how Alaska uses its taxes.T

he Koch-backed Americans for Prosperity group spends a tremendous amount of money electing politicians like our governor, who acts as he was taught, with a gaudy state payday. Forget lessons learned telling us to be conservative with the people’s money. State reserves are never big enough when the rainy day comes — and wasn’t that the reason for cuts the education?

I am voting for a candidate who will look out for all Alaskans, and Les Gara has priorities I agree with. Education, infrastructure, pension plans and stopping corporate welfare to the oil companies are some of the issues I agree with. Our present administration wants to restrict women’s rights while Les will protect us from prosecution when making very personal decisions. We are smart enough to realize what a big fat PFD is in an election year. I will be voting for leadership that will put the health of our state first; let’s make Les Gara the next governor of Alaska.

— William P. Beltz


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