Letters to the Editor

Letter: A big step forward

With the election of Mary Peltola, Alaskans made a loud positive step forward. Mary has served in public office before and worked with her fellow representatives, regardless of party. In today’s world, reaching across the imaginary aisle seems an impossible feat. Mary has done it and will do it again in Congress.

I ask all Democrats, Republicans and independents to cast a vote for Alaska’s future this November. Vote for Mary Peltola.

Let’s end the dog-and-pony soundbite show of the ex-governor who quit public office. Sarah Palin is the past. She represents fear, lies and denial of the actual facts. If you can’t understand the election of President Joe Biden was real, honest and decided by millions of votes, well you just might need help. Serious help.

Finally, a woman’s right to choose has only one candidate in this congressional race. And the candidate is Mary Peltola. That alone should be enough to cast your vote for Congresswoman Mary Peltola.

— Gregory Carr


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