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Letter: What’s at stake

Alaskans who are motivated to stand up for women’s rights this November should not lose sight of the fact that Mike Dunleavy is the only person in the race for governor who supports a complete ban on abortion.

He’s also the only person in the governor’s race who refuses to speak out against the effort to shred the Alaska Constitution, an effort being spearheaded by anti-choice activists, and if the convention vote fails, he’s also promising to introduce a constitutional amendment that would repeal the state privacy rights that are now the only thing preventing the ability of Alaska women to make health decision for themselves without political interference.

Dunleavy even told a reporter in 2018 that he opposes abortion in cases of rape and incest.

Let the implications of that position really sink in. Despite the alarming fact that women are likelier to be sexually assaulted in Alaska than anywhere else in the United States, Dunleavy’s ultimate vision for our state is that the government should literally force women and children victims of rape or incest to carry a pregnancy that occurs as a result of their assault.If you believe a rapist should be able to force a woman to have their baby, Dunleavy is your guy. If you believe women should maintain control their own bodies, vote for someone else.

To be more exact, in this new ranked choice voting world, vote for two other people — Bill Walker and Les Gara. They will both stand up for a woman’s right to choose, and given the vast power of the governor in our state, they are the only people who can actually make a difference for Alaska women at this point.

Let’s all vote Gara, vote Walker and retire Dunleavy. Make sure everyone one of your sisters, friends, parents and neighbors know what’s at stake here and show up to vote when it counts.

— Kathy Raymond



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