Letters to the Editor

Letter: Ineffective police

I am so frustrated. I have been dealing with squatters in the house next door since June.

The house is bank-owned and I can’t figure out who has it — apparently they are not local. Code enforcement came out in August and boarded up the house and told me to call the police when they come back, which I have been doing. Well, they showed up again today and I called Anchorage Police Department. Two hours later, APD called me back and was told that the sergeant said since I was not the owner or the bank’s agent, they were not going to do anything.

I bet if this happened next door to him, it would be taken care of. So now I get to live next to a junkyard until who knows when. I’ve barely used my backyard all summer because of them. Why am I paying taxes?

— Jeanne Hackenberger


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