Letters to the Editor

Letter: No new schools

We are not in a position to build a new school while the Anchorage School District has a budget deficit. Nonpayment will result in the loss of teachers, elimination of programs and continued deferment of sorely needed improvements for every school in the system.

New schools are lovely, but that is not what children take with them when they graduate. Children remember and build on the community that fostered them, the depth of learning from educators, the skills acquired through extensive programming. There is no price that can be attached to building good citizens.

The state no longer pays 70% of school bond indebtedness. And voters have expressed their opinion of building a new school. It is up to the Anchorage School Board to listen to the voters and to use this one-time funding judiciously. Allocate a portion of the windfall to resolve the $68 million budget shortfall and the rest to address deferred school maintenance.

If we build a new school, we will still have all the unresolved problems of deferred maintenance and budget deficit. Doesn’t sound like a smart move to me. What do you think?

— Jan Carolyn Hardy


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