Letters to the Editor

Letter: The confusion of ranked choice voting

Think of it — having to make a choice between multiple candidates. And if you think more than one of them is qualified, to vote for them as a second choice. And even make a third choice, if you feel there are that many qualified candidates. My god, how difficult can you make this?

It is like going to a restaurant and choosing the special on the menu and being asked to give a second, or even a third choice in case they have run out of the special. So confusing!

What do they think we are? Intelligent beings who have the ability to think, make choices and understand that the world does not revolve around us? Come on.

This new voting system has taken the power to choose a candidate away from the political parties and give it to the voters. What were we (the majority of voters) thinking? I would much rather have the relatively small political parties choose who is going to be on the ballot (so I don’t have to think) and have only their choice to vote for — that is, if I don’t choose their ballot in the primary. How could the ranked choice voting advocates think that giving me the choice of qualified candidates would give democracy a better chance?

I actually believe ranked choice voting is possibly the best thing that has happened to democracy since the Constitution was written. It is all about “we the people.”

Some advice for the candidates who lost: Chill out, accept defeat, quit pandering to the parties, stand on your own two feet and keep your integrity/morality intact.

— Bob Swenson



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