Letters to the Editor

Letter: Time zone snake oil

Are things what they appear to be with recently introduced House Bill 30? This “trigger legislation” will not, of itself, end the now meaningless clock change Alaskans endure twice yearly unless and until the federal government forces the entire nation to observe Daylight Saving Time (DST). What is the motive behind waiting for the feds?

Many Alaskans simply want to stop the twice-annual clock changing. Our state Legislature can do that now using existing federal law (15 U.S. Code § 260a), which allows individual states to end the use of DST when they choose. This has already been done in Arizona and Hawaii. Regarding the proposed federal law, do you think those two states will want to be forced by the feds to observe DST again?

If the proponents of HB 30 want to change time zones (as in a return of Southeast Alaska to the Pacific Time Zone), let that be a separate effort. Meanwhile, if you want to simply end the clock changes now, ask your legislators to defeat HB 30 as written or, preferably, amend it to adopt the provisions of existing federal law.

— Lynn Willis

Eagle River

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