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Letter: Offensive name change

I recently received an email from the CEO of AlaskaUSA Credit Union. He was announcing the change of the name to “Global Credit Union.” I have been a proud member of the AlaskaUSA credit union since 1976; I have had mortgages and car loans and bank services by them throughout a military career and a follow-on civilian career. I remember them asking me opinions several times over that 45-plus year period, yet this decision, with which I disagree vehemently, seems to be a top-down singularity for some reason.

First, I am personally offended simply by the term “global” now, since it has come to mean the motive of a select few ultra-rich people who want to make every single life decision for all of us. It is clear to me they want to “de-nationalize” every vestige of rights and freedoms, be it currency, pride, individualism, religion, health, diet, industry or even family.

This decision is not only offensive, it is expensive. Imagine the cost of printing alone! Then add the signage on all of their offices, decorations inside, vehicles, even the pens on the counters. Unless this brainstorm is going to be paid out of the CEOs and board of directors’ salaries, it will come out of the operating funds of the credit union. Remember, the credit union is “owned” by its members. Did you have an input on this expenditure, which will no doubt weaken the financial strength of AlaskaUSA? You should make your concerns known immediately, and tell everyone you know about this debacle.  

— R.C. Cline

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