Letters to the Editor

Letter: In favor of more choices

Caught a letter in the paper from Dennis and Dorothy Smith about doing away with ranked choice voting here in our elections. Seems to me the couple produced a variety of good reasons in support of the new voting method rather than its recommended demise.

The old primary system essentially left the choice between two parties in our general elections. That was all a voter had. No room for any other choice or train of thought. The Outside money complaint? The outsiders who plowed the most money into their choice of candidate, supporting their ideas and plans, for whatever reason, usually bought the election. They can still do this to some extent, but ranked choice dilutes the odds of completely carpeting an election with paid-for name recognition commercials, paid advertising, overall expenses and another campaign foofaraw.

If people cannot understand ranked choice voting, then they should seek some help from responsible people who do.

Voting is an established right — not a mandatory obligation. Historically, this country has had an Election Day. Not at “vote early” places or by a system of drop boxes by the score that we have allowed evolving. Too much room for politically overzealous creatures to do election hanky panky.

I noted on TV’s Meet the Press this morning that talk is in the wind about the possibility of a new major national third party evolving due to existing parties being so at large on important issues.

What? Another choice?

— Dennis Lattery



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