Letters to the Editor

Letter: Education issues

In the debate about faltering education, I haven’t noticed any mention of the parental factor. Out here in the trenches, I have observed some children who have little structure or discipline. The reasons vary, such as drinking, drugs, ignorance, laziness or mental issues on the part of the parent.

When I was growing up — I’m 68 — the schools and churches picked up the slack of low parental guidance. For instance, in junior high, we had a “health” class, which was code for “personal hygiene.” We were taught about cleaning our teeth, bathing and using deodorant. Believe it or not, some kids were not being taught such basics at home. My parents taught basics, but when it came to schoolwork, we were on our own. There was no getting help with homework.

I credit school, church, Girl Scouts and 4-H for teaching me many necessary things I wouldn’t have learned at home. I can imagine how hard it would be to try to teach children who are undisciplined or uninspired.

When I read Lon Garrison’s commentary, “Key to Alaska’s education success …,” debunking the implication that the school money goes to the administration and not the children, I was glad. That was the only thing holding back my full support for increased school funding.

— Della Dempsey


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