Letters to the Editor

Letter: The right kind of parent

Apparently Gov. Mike Dunleavy feels I need government to protect my rights as a parent. I’m not at all sure what parental rights are, except in the sense of being the right kind of parent.

The right kind of parent loves their children unconditionally. The right kind of parent accepts and supports their child’s right to be themselves, whatever self that is. The right kind of parent maintains open communication. Their child feels it’s OK to be open about who they are and what and who they care about.

The right kind of parent helps their child learn to be honest and kind and to respect others no matter their race, religion or gender. The right kind of parent encourages their child to read widely and form their own judgments about what they read. The right kind of parent knows they can trust their child to exercise good judgment. The right kind of parent does not need laws to protect them, not at all.

— Susan Soule


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