Letters to the Editor

Letter: The politics of Israel support

Integrity and courage seem to be in short supply these days. It was therefore with great pleasure that I read Ivan Hodes’ recent letter (“Embarrassing vote,” May 19). Hodes demonstrated admirable courage in pointing out the duplicity of “otherwise-liberal Jewish politicians” who align themselves with Christian nationalists with regard to Israel.

In the military, Hodes’ loyalty was questioned because he is Jewish. Why? Many people incorrectly assume that all American Jews are pro-Israel, i.e., ultra- nationalist Israel. Those who advocate this version of Israel have purposefully created this confusion; it serves their interest.

Many Jewish-Americans are progressives who do not support ultra-nationalist Israel. Hodes wrote that his faith calls upon him to pursue justice. We should all heed this call, regardless of faith, or the lack thereof.

Several American states have sought to punish those calling for a boycott of Israel. There are many reasons for this. It draws attention to the deplorable tyranny inflicted upon the Palestinian people by the state of Israel. And, as in the case of apartheid in South Africa, such a movement may meet with some success. A brief glance at the members of the current Israeli government reveals the urgency of action.

— Kenneth Baitsholts


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