Letters to the Editor

Letter: On videos and disinformation

Remember when House Speaker Kevin McCarthy inexplicably handed hundreds of hours of U.S. Capitol security videos of the Jan. 6 riots to propagandist Tucker Carlson, who promptly edited together a collage of empty hallways to “prove” that the insurrection never happened?

Try this thought experiment: Imagine one could send somebody with a video camera back in time to, say, 1861-1865, and have them find and record quiet pastoral scenes in places where no Civil War battles were fought. Then bring that material back to the present and play it on nationwide TV, with time stamps, claiming to “prove” that the American Civil War never happened.

What Carlson did was effectively the same thing, which proves nothing except that the producers are mendacious beyond belief. Now that Jan. 6 footage has been passed along to even less credible individuals. I am so sick of all these traitorous, lying liars. Always vote, and never vote Republican again.

— Lars Opland


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