Letters to the Editor

Letter: Impeachment inquiry or not?

Really, why would anyone oppose an inquiry if there are documents and recorded transactions that appear to reflect malfeasance?

Any issue that has the potential to seriously affect the governance, well-being and image of our nation has to be taken seriously and either be dispelled or pursued regardless of the political, or any other allegiance, of the individual or parties named.

An inquiry alone may end the matter and, if not, it will be pursued in other venues; an inquiry is not an indictment though it could progress to one. Our nation need to see the documentation in broad daylight to avoid the suspicion of a cover-up.  

If the public is judged to be competent enough to elect legislators, then it’s also sufficiently competent to review the evidence before any election occurs involving the party or parties involved. The ballot box is often the informed voting population’s only way to weigh in on the matter.

— Rick Garner


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