Letters to the Editor

Letter: Campaign promises

I’m aghast at Donald Trump’s plans for a second term, as reported in Sunday’s paper: Block immigrants. Support Russia. Don’t care for the homeless and mentally ill, but get them out of sight. Outlaw lifesaving medical care. Weaken our education system. Politicize civil service.

Change enforcement laws so shoplifters can be shot on sight. Increase consumer costs via tariffs. Ensure an acceleration of climate disasters.

I confess to feeling appalled when Trump won in 2016, but he did promise to fix our health care system and our aging infrastructure. I thought if he could do those items, there would be a silver lining.

There are new controls on prescription prices, and infrastructure projects are now underway across the country, but this progress has only occurred on President Joe Biden’s watch.

Certainly, it is my prayer that Trump does not win in 2024. But if he does, my hoped-for silver lining this time around would be he’ll again be wildly unsuccessful at fulfilling his campaign promises.

— Jen Huvar


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