Letters to the Editor

Letter: Cartoon history

Thank you, ADN and David Reamer, for the interestingcolumns on our history. I was especially delighted

with this Monday’s column, which included a cartoon drawn by my mom, Jane Hafling.

Two notes: 1. Her cartoons were signed “JHafling,” as Bob Atwood didn’t want it known that he hired a woman cartoonist. Our family joked about that because Anchorage was a small town then and everybody knew everyone else.

2. The cartoon about Egan’s proposed tax led to a decadeslong friendship between him and my parents.

Mom’s “Review of the Week” covered the “talk of the town” topics. I inherited the originals and love seeing them again. It’s amazing the realize that topics appearing on ADN’s pages today are many of the same topics covered in the cartoons of the 1940s and 1950s. Snow removal, city and school budgets, sled dog races, special events — Mom saw a little humor in all of them. Her cartoons appeared in the Anchorage Times Saturday editions on their front page. I’m sure they gave readers a chuckle or two before they read the serious news articles. We certainly could use a dose of her sense of humor today.

— Connie Hafling Chambers


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