Letters to the Editor

Letter: Snowy roads

I wonder if most people realize that some of the major roads in Anchorage are maintained by the state, not the Municipality of Anchorage. Specifically, the roads in the worst and unplowed condition are maintained by the state Department of Transportation.

Why should these roads be unplowed or poorly plowed three days after a snowfall, you ask? Not because the employees aren’t working as hard as they can to get it done. No.

Look no farther than the office of our illustrious governor and the oil-soaked Republicans in the Legislature who would rather give money to their oil company campaign donors than adequately fund essential services for the people in this state. Remember SB21 in the 2013-14 legislative session? Remember Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s budget-slashing project his first year in office?

No matter what they say in their campaign speeches, these folks aren’t working for us. Actions — or inaction — speak louder than words. Every year, services are cut a little more. It’s like a frog in hot water. Put him in the boiling water, he jumps right out. Put him in cold water, gradually heat it and — that’s what is happening here. Every year, services suffer more, people are more inconvenienced and every year they adjust and accept it.We need to call the governor and the legislative majority to task. Tell your legislators to fund essential services in this state.

— Linda Shore


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