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Letter: Bring back the 4th Avenue Theater

Thanks to Sandy Harper for her letter to the editor May 30, suggesting that perhaps the 4th Avenue Theatre could possibly be brought back in some fashion as a special exhibit at the Anchorage Museum. Harper’s history with this Anchorage treasure, and wise words on how that historical landmark might be memorialized in some small way, brings new hope to the many citizens of Anchorage who agree with your sentiments.

There have been many who have fought over the years to save the theater. The Municipality of Anchorage has failed the residents it serves, to not preserve this jewel of downtown Anchorage. The final pleas to Peach Investments fell on deaf ears. But I, with others, suggest that there is another possible solution.

Peach Investments claims that it has the artwork from the theater and plan to incorporate it in the construction of the new building on that site.

They say that those plans are still in progress. They could plan to reconstruct a new theater as grand as the original, and incorporate it with the rest of the new construction.

But it is clear that they have no interest in serving the people of Anchorage, to preserve our cultural history and create a downtown we can be proud of.

But the Municipality of Anchorage should. Peach will definitely be asking the city and taxpayers for tax breaks in this construction project.

The city, our city, can demand that Peach bring back the jewel that they took in exchange for any benefits they request.


— Rich Curtner


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