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Video: Real-time northern lights over Turnagain Pass

  • Author: Tara Young
  • Updated: January 14
  • Published November 4, 2015

Night skies lit up early Wednesday morning during the second night of what is looking to be an especially active week for the aurora borealis.

Skies over Anchorage cleared after midnight, treating Alaska's largest city to an aurora display that was especially active, if not especially colorful.

Scattered low-hanging clouds marred otherwise clear views along Turnagain Arm, but Turnagain Pass, at 1,000 feet above sea level, offered mostly clear skies. This video was shot in real time using a Sony A7s camera, which can capture imagery in incredibly low light with a capacity of ISO 400,000.

The UAF Geophysical Institute is forecasting active northern lights through Friday and moderate displays over the weekend.

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