Maybe whales love synth? The members of indie pop act MGMT, which kicked off the Moose's Tooth summer concert series May 29 in Anchorage, made some new friends on their trip during a Major Marine Tours excursion in Whittier. Out on the water in Blackstone Bay near the Blackstone and Beloit glaciers, they got a rare treat: a dance performance by a couple of leviathan groupies, captured in this brief video clip.

"In nine years, I've never seen two whales breach at the same time like that," Major Marine Captain Morgan Wodhams said. (No relation, we're told, to the other Captain Morgan.) "It was quite a show." Wodhams said the spectacle prompted him to swear out loud -- and then hope he wouldn't lose his job for tossing around some spicy language. (He didn't.)

Later, during the Moose's Tooth show, lead singer Andrew VanWyngarden gushed about the experience and urged the crowd: "Let's hear it for whales! Let's hear it for sea otters!" and then "Let's hear it for whales again!"

Sounds like the start of another love affair with Alaska.