Look familiar? Trump’s plan for cutting regulations mirrors Alaska Sen. Dan Sullivan’s bill

WASHINGTON — One of president-elect Donald Trump's newly released plans for his first days in office may sound familiar to Alaskans who pay close attention to their congressional delegation.

Trump announced plans for an executive order to curb regulations similar — though more aggressive than — legislation introduced last year by Sen. Dan Sullivan, R-Alaska.

"I will formulate a rule that says that for every one new regulation, two old regulations must be eliminated. So important," Trump said in a video address listing his plans for "Day One" executive actions.

"If the legislation is enacted, a federal agency will be required to remove a regulation from the Federal Register for every new one promulgated. If they refuse to do so, the cost of living adjustment for agency personnel will be withheld until the agency abides by the law," his office said in a statement when the bill was introduced in August 2015.

Sullivan's spokesman, Mike Anderson, said Sullivan has spoken to Trump recently, over the phone, about the regulatory legislation. Anderson also said the senator had reached out to the president-elect's campaign over the course of the campaign to discuss a variety of issues, including this bill.

Sullivan ultimately said he would not vote for Trump, and called for him to drop out of the race after a video surfaced wherein Trump indicated his proclivities towards sexual assault.

So far, however, Sullivan has been happy with the efforts of the incoming administration.

"Cutting job-killing regulations has been a priority for the Senator since day one and he is pleased that President-elect Trump is focused on this critical issue for Alaska and the country," Anderson said in a statement.

Sullivan's spokesman noted the bill is similar, though not the same, and that the concept has been used elsewhere, including in Canada and the United Kingdom.

Sullivan is "hoping to work with the incoming Trump Administration, and his colleagues on both sides of the aisle, to pass this bill and grow our economy," Anderson said.