Don Young and friends get risque in Fairbanks TV commercial

Update: The original video, featuring Rep. Don Young, was removed from YouTube on Friday, Oct. 27. A new version — excluding the congressman's cameo — has taken its place.

Alaska's sole congressman, Don Young, recently joined a couple of longtime friends to make a cameo in a local Fairbanks TV commercial that has a decidedly dirty-old-man feel to it.

Young, who wanders through the scene looking for a "little bottle of blue pills" (he means Viagra, guys), was a new addition to a trio of Fairbanks legends who have previously appeared in a series of "old guys" ads for Fairbanks boat and off-road-vehicle dealer Compeau's. The 84-year-old congressman is younger than the rest of the men in the ad.

The trio includes Bud Fate, 87, who happens to be Alaska Sen. Dan Sullivan's father-in-law. He's the one in the middle.

The guy on the left, who arrives with the new ATV, is Urban Rahoi, a 98-year-old Alaska aviation legend. (Rahoi was one of the World War II pilots who got to fly over the Washington Monument in a vintage fighter jet two years ago.)

The third, on the far right, is Cliff Everts, 95, another Alaska aviation hero who came to the state in his early 20s and eventually started his own cargo flight company.

Young's spokesman Matt Shuckerow told Alaska Dispatch News that Young was not paid for his role in the ad and that his involvement had no relationship to his congressional office.