Dunleavy nominates former Anchorage chief financial officer as Alaska’s Revenue commissioner

JUNEAU — Gov. Mike Dunleavy has chosen Lucinda Mahoney of Anchorage to serve as Commissioner of the Alaska Department of Revenue. Mahoney replaces Bruce Tangeman, who left the administration in November.

Dunleavy announced his pick Tuesday, the last possible day under a state law that requires the governor to fill vacant commissioner jobs no later than the 15th day of the legislative session. Mahoney’s appointment is subject to a legislative confirmation vote.

[Tangeman: I’m leaving my post as Revenue Commissioner. Alaska’s budget-balancing work should continue.]

Mahoney’s resume states she is the owner of Value Solutions LLC, a business consulting company based in Anchorage. According to the company’s business license, it has been operating since 2007.

Her resume also states she managed the Arctic Slope Regional Corporation shared service center and had a career with ARCO, the oil company that merged with BP in 2000.

Mahoney has an MBA from the University of Alaska and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas.

Mahoney was appointed chief financial officer for the Municipality of Anchorage in 2009 by then-Mayor Dan Sullivan. When she resigned in 2014, she said one of her proudest achievements was the city’s AAA credit rating, achieved in 2013.

Mahoney also spearheaded the municipality’s ill-fated effort to transition to SAP payroll software. That project, which began in 2011, was expected to take 18 months and $10 million. Instead, it took more than $81 million and about a decade.

James Brooks

James Brooks was a Juneau-based reporter for the ADN from 2018 to May 2022.