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Kenai Borough Assembly declares ‘Second Amendment sanctuary’

KENAI — The Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly voted to make the borough a “Second Amendment sanctuary,” the Peninsula Clarion reported Thursday.

The assembly passed an ordinance opposing the passage of any legislation that would limit civil liberties associated with the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

It clarifies that the assembly does not have law enforcement powers. Its author, Kelly Cooper, said it was important to be clear about what authority the assembly has to enforce this ordinance. The board’s ordinance cannot override city, state or federal regulations.

"Yes, we do support the Second Amendment," Cooper said. 'No, we do not have that authority. And we need to make sure that our people in our communities understand that so we do not have misuse or misrepresentation of language that we pass."

Part of the wording of the ordinance encourages people to engage in firearm safety training safely.