2020 Alaska election guide: Q&As with candidates for Congress, legislature

Meet the candidates running for state and federal office in Alaska.

The Anchorage Daily News invited the candidates for U.S. Senate and U.S. House, as well as those running for the Alaska Legislature in Southcentral Alaska, to give their views on key issues and to discuss their priorities if elected. Many of the questions came from readers.

Below are the candidates, by district. We have invited those who did not respond to the survey to do that so voters know where they stand on issues and know what their priorities are.

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• • •

D = Democrat; R = Republican; L = Libertarian; AIP = Alaskan Independence Party; NP = Nonpartisan; NA = Non-affiliated; U = Undeclared

* incumbent

U.S. Senate

Al Gross (NP)

John Wayne Howe (AIP)

Dan Sullivan* (R)

U.S. House

Alyse Galvin (NP)

Don Young* (R)

• • •



Senate District D (Mat-Su)

Thomas Lamb (NP)

James “Dan” Mayfield (NA)

David Wilson* (R) (Did not respond)

Senate District F (Palmer-Chugiak)

Jim Cooper (U)

Shelley Hughes* (R)

Senate District H (Anchorage)

Madeline Gaiser (R) (Did not respond)

Bill Wielechowski* (D)

Senate District J (Anchorage)

Tom Begich* (D)

Senate District L (Anchorage)

Roselynn Cacy (D)

Natasha von Imhof* (R)

Senate District M (Anchorage)

Andy Holleman (NA)

Josh Revak* (R)

Senate District N (Anchorage)

Carolyn “Care” Clift (U)

Roger Holland (R) (Did not respond)

Carl Johnson (D)

Senate District P (Homer-Kodiak-Cordova)

Gary Stevens* (R)

Greg Madden (AIP) (Did not respond)

• • •


House District 7 (Wasilla)

Jamin Burton (NA)

Christopher Kurka (R) (Did not respond)

House District 8 (Big Lake)

Alma Hartley (D) (Did not respond)

Kevin McCabe (R) (Did not respond)

House District 9 (Sutton)

Bill Johnson (D)

George Rauscher* (R) (Did not respond)

House District 10 (Wasilla)

David Eastman* (R) (Did not respond)

Monica Stein-Olson (D)

House District 11 (Wasilla)

Andrea Hackbarth (D) (Did not respond)

DeLena Johnson* (R) (Did not respond)

House District 12 (Wasilla)

Cathy Tilton* (R) (Did not respond)

House District 13 (Eagle River)

James A. Canitz Sr. (D)

Ken McCarty (R)

House District 14 (Eagle River)

Kelly Merrick* (R) (Did not respond)

Michael “Mike” Risinger (D) (Did not respond)

House District 15 (Anchorage)

Lyn Franks (D)

David Nelson (R) (Did not respond)

House District 16 (Anchorage)

Paul Bauer (R)

Scott Kohlhaas (L)

Ivy Spohnholz* (D)

House District 17 (Anchorage)

Andrew “Andy” Josephson* (D)

House District 18 (Anchorage)

Harriet Drummond* (D)

House District 19 (Anchorage)

Geran Tarr* (D)

House District 20 (Anchorage)

William Z. “Zack” Fields* (D)

House District 21 (Anchorage)

Matt Claman (D)

Lynette Largent (R) (Did not respond)

House District 22 (Anchorage)

David Nees (AIP)

Sara Rasmussen* (R)

Stephen Trimble (NA)

House District 23 (Anchorage)

Katherine “Kathy” Henslee (R)

Timothy Huit (AIP) (Did not respond)

Chris Tuck* (D)

House District 24 (Anchorage)

Sue Levi (D)

Tom McKay (R)

House District 25 (Anchorage)

Mel Gillis* (R)

Calvin Schrage (NP)

House District 26 (Anchorage)

Laddie Shaw* (R) (Did not respond)

House District 27 (Anchorage)

Lance Pruitt* (R)

Liz Snyder (D)

House District 28 (Anchorage)

Benjamin Fletcher (NA)

James Kaufman (R)

Suzanne LaFrance (NP)

House District 29 (Nikiski)

Ben Carpenter* (R)

Paul Dale (NA)

House District 30 (Kenai)

James Baisden (NA)

Ronald “Ron” Gillham (R) (Did not respond)

House District 31 (Homer)

Kelly Cooper (NA)

Sarah Vance* (R)

• • •

Watch Alaska Public Media and KTOO “Running 2020” with debates between candidates in select legislative races statewide.