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President Trump supports Sullivan and Young in Alaska tele-rally

President Donald Trump spoke on Sunday in a nine-and-a-half-minute telephone rally for Rep. Don Young and Sen. Dan Sullivan, encouraging Alaskans to vote for the incumbents.

A full recording of the call was published online Sunday in a story by Alaska Public Media.

“Give them a big, big vote, because there’s nobody I trust, nobody I rely on more than these two men," Trump said on the call.

Republicans Young and Sullivan are both being challenged by independent candidates who are running on the Democratic nomination. Young is facing Alyse Galvin, whom he defeated in 2018, and Sullivan is facing Al Gross.

During the call, high praise was given all around. Young started by saying Trump has done much for Alaska.

“Thank you for being the greatest president of all,” Young said.

Sullivan’s campaign manager, Matt Shuckerow, said Trump’s team offered the president’s participation but declined to give more details on how the tele-rally came together.

On the call, Sullivan listed steps the Trump administration has taken since 2016, including confirming conservative judges to federal courts and opening part of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling.

“We have to build on this success,” Sullivan said.

Trump spoke two minutes in, calling Sullivan and Young “two very special people.”

Trump said Sullivan will help strengthen the military, support police, protect gun rights, secure the border and defeat the COVID-19 virus.

“Dan Sullivan is a champion, an absolute champion, for our America-first agenda,” Trump said.

Trump praised Young for standing up to China, protecting the Second Amendment and working to open ANWR to drilling.

Despite being the longest-serving member of the current Congress, “he looks like a young man,” Trump said of the 87-year-old.

“Just about the most respected you can be,” Trump said. “There’s nobody in Washington, frankly, that’s more respected than Don.”

Young’s campaign manager, Truman Reed, said Young and Trump have a great and productive relationship.

“We were very appreciative of the kind words and support from President Trump,” Reed said via email. “It was also appreciated that the President took the time to campaign with Alaskans.”

Trump also bashed Gross and Galvin on the call. He said he doesn’t know Galvin.

“Why would I know her? Does nothing," he said.

Following the call, an operator asked listeners to press one to affirm support for Trump, press two to donate $20 and press three to volunteer for a campaign.