Q&A with Alaska U.S. House candidate John Coghill Jr.

The Anchorage Daily News asked candidates for U.S. House running in the special primary election to answer a series of questions. Read all of their responses here.

JOHN COGHILL JR.*, Republican from Fairbanks

What in your background qualifies you to represent Alaskans in Congress?

Lifelong Alaskan working in small businesses. Defending our country in the military. Working with students as a teacher. Serving people as a leader in a local church. Many years in the political arena through party advocacy. Twenty-two years in the state Legislature as a House member and a senator. Presently serving our community as an emergency shelter director. Staying involved in policy issues that are important to Alaska.

Why are you running for U.S. Congress in Alaska?

To represent the people of Alaska, to support and defend our Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, our Bill of Rights. Alaska is a wonderful geography that I feel we Alaskans get to host for the whole world and be a voice to our sister states in the Arctic Pacific while sharing the beauty of this great state. America needs to be reminded of its founding principles of liberty, faith in God, freedom of speech, free market principle and more. I feel compelled to step up and help.

What would be your top priority if elected to Congress?

Alaska and her well being, America in its Constitutional integrity. Limit government while we unleash the freedoms promised us citizens.

What is your position on abortion?

I am pro-life.

If legislation came before the U.S. House that would guarantee the same abortion rights nationwide as the Roe v. Wade decision, how would you vote?


If you oppose abortion rights, how should the federal government support a person who is forced to carry their baby to term against their wishes?

Not a government responsibility.

Would you support a bill, if it came before the House, to expand the size of the U.S. Supreme Court? Why or why not?

No. I’m not in favor of court packing.

*Note: Coghill is one of several candidates who are also running in Alaska’s regular U.S. House primary election in August.